Dr Morse Interview!

1. Very soon I will have the honor of interviewing Dr. Morse. This time it will be different, no detox, no health, not one mango in sight! I want to find out the other side of Dr. Morse. What’s his favorite TV show? Does he have a hobby? What’s his most memorable moment in his life so far?

This is where YOU come in. What would you like me to ask Dr. Morse? Send your questions to this email address and for the subject line write ‘Question for Dr. Morse’:

*please include your name*

Do not send any health-related questions.

The interview will be placed on:
Dr. Morse’s new YouTube
and my own YouTube Channel so we have it in as many places as possible.

Have you turned your life around? Have you achieved something you thought you never could? If you’d like me to interview you, let me know using the same email address and use the subject line, ‘Interview Me’.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to reply to questions for Dr. Morse, so thank you in advance for your message.

Much love,

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