Getting Started

This is what it takes to be successful! The following recommendations will help you tremendously in achieving success with your detoxification and regeneration process.

1) Diet

2) Neuro-Optic Analysis

3) Glandular Weaknesses

4) Lymph System

5) Herbal Parasite Formula

6) Liver & Pancreas

7) Blood Pressure

8) Cleansing Process

9) Attitude

1. Diet

The diet is your number one key to success. What you eat, drink, breathe, and what you put on your skin is how you bring the outside world in. Study and learn the concepts in "The Detox Miracle Sourcebook" in reference to a raw food diet. The greater percentage of raw fruits and vegetables (salads) you eat, the greater your success. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, a spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or any other chronic or degenerative condition, you will want to consider consuming a 100% raw, LIVE food diet of fruits and vegetables (salads) only.

Detox Miracle Sourcebook

Personal Diet Program

The Role & Practice of Fasting in Detoxification

2. Neuro-Optic Analysis

Find someone who is adept at reading your iris (Iridology). This is one of nature’s greatest, and at present, only soft tissue analysis. It will give you a "road map" of your strengths and weaknesses. It will also show your congestive (lymphatic) and chemical accumulations. This is invaluable in helping you to address your glandular or organ weaknesses. For this reason Dr. Morse recommends an herbal formula program. Use herbs to address your cellular weaknesses and to move and clean your lymphatic system, GI tract, and lungs.

The Health Assessment

Short Form

Taking Eye Photos:

A How-To Guide

Sample Iris Analysis

3. Glandular Weaknesses

Almost 100% of homosapiens have glandular weaknesses. You can use the "What is Your Body Telling You" Questionnaire to determine yours.

1. Use the Basal Temperature Study for Thyroid Function to determine your level of thyroid function. It is extremely important when considering your levels of calcium utilization and metabolism.

2. If you have high and/or especially low blood pressure you know you have adrenal gland weakness. Again, check your Personal Body Questionnaire to determine other side effects of adrenal gland weaknesses.

Health Assessment Form

Basal Temperature Study for the Thyroid Function

4. Lymph System

Always move your Lymph System. This is the most vital system of your body to detoxify and is essential to your success. I will even be so bold as to say that everyone has a stagnant lymph system to one degree or another. This is vital in that all your cells "eat" and "excrete." Your lymph system is your sewer system. Your lymph nodes are your septic tanks. Keep them cleaned out!

1. Use an herbal formula for your kidneys and eat lots of fruits. Your lymph system uses your kidneys as one of the main doorways for body's sewage to be removed (other doors include the skin and the colon).

2. Clean and enhance your GI tract. Raw foods and intestinal restorative herbal formulas are the supreme way to accomplish this. Do not use laxatives or purgatives if you can help it. These are very addicting. You want to restore proper digestion, absorption, and elimination through this "hub" of your body. One to three colonics may also help. Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Colema Board is a better idea yet. I do not recommend acidophilus, bifidophilus or any other intestinal flora. Your intestinal flora will restore itself.

3. "Sweat!" Underactive thyroid function makes it more difficult to sweat, and sweating is vital to remove toxins from the body. Your skin is your largest eliminative organ; called the "third kidney". Keep it clean and stimulated with skin brushing, regular as well as hot and cold showers, and sweating.

4. Walk and swim! Exercise is extremely important in moving your lymphatic system, especially in your lower extremities. Caution: Make sure your kidneys are filtering before vigorous exercise.

The Body's Sewer System

Neuro-Lymphatic Massage Points

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5. Herbal Parasite Formula

You will want to spend a month on an herbal parasite formula. This will help get rid of larger worms, flukes, etc. It will also help reduce the microorganisms that affect your desire for foods; candida, bacteria, etc.

Parasite M

Parasite G

6. Liver & Pancreas

Clean your liver and enhance your pancreas for about a month or so. If you have been diagnosed with Type I diabetes or you're excessively thin, you will probably need three months or so.

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7. Blood Pressure

If you're on chemical medications, don't worry. There are very few interactions with this program and these formulas. If you're on high blood pressure medication, simply watch your blood pressure.

This program can bring down your blood pressure fast. Be smart and use common sense. If your blood pressure is low, lowering it further with chemical meds might not be the best choice.

If your blood pressure is low, you must work to get it normalized and that includes enhancing and regenerating your adrenal gland cells.

Licorice root is a great adrenal herb, but can temporarily increase your blood pressure. So monitor your blood pressure closely during the transition to a live foods diet and adjust your medications as necessary.

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8. Cleansing Process

One of the most important things that you can learn about the detoxification process is the cleansing process or what's called the "healing crisis".

Study and learn this process and you'll understand what "diseases" truly are. Remember so-called disease symptoms manifest from only two sources – congestion and cellular weakness. That’s it!

The Healing Crisis

9. Attitude

FINALLY: Attitude, attitude, attitude! Enjoy what you’re doing. Always remember WHY you're getting your body, or physical vehicle, healthy.

It's your mobility in this physical world. Without it, life isn't much fun here! Don't let anything stop you and don’t take no for an answer. Make your body do what you want it to do.

Many of your weaknesses are genetically passed to you. Your toxicity may have developed when you were still incubating inside your mother, so give it time.

Vibrant health in this world does not occur overnight. Sometimes it's hard work, but well worth it! It connects you with life, love and GOD.

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