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PreImmersion Starts April 10, 2022

Official Immersion Begins April 26,2022

Breath Medicina is an 8 Week Transformational Online Immersion that includes Somatic Breathwork, Health Optimisation & Fasting Protocols, Astrology Alignment Sessions & NFT Community.

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Want to view the prep call and get a taste of what you’ll experience? Click here! 

This immersion is designed to spark and elevate anyone on the path of purification, freedom, and sovereignty.

✢ U would like to experience a new level of vitality and wellbeing.

✢ Purifying your body temple is a priority and U would like to have more guidance and support on your path.

✢ U would like to be liberated from food dependencies and discover new ways to nourish yourSELF on all levels of your being.

✢ U value purity, simplicity & natural laws and would like to integrate these principles into your day-to-day Life.

✢ U are interested in Spiritual Evolution, SELF-realization & living in devotion to LIFE.

✢ U would like to embody, live, and thrive in your Natural State as a sovereign being on this Earth.

Regardless if u are at the beginning stages or have been established in this Lifestyle for some time, the group setting will be incredibly helpful and supportive for those who are ready for the next step in their evolution and might feel isolated and alone on this path.

As a participant, U will be lovingly invited and encouraged to implement all the elements that will be offered – Hatha yoga. Meditation, pranayama (breathwork), daily, weekly, and monthly food-free days (aka, fasting), fruit diet and juicing, enemas and other purification methods, noble silence, technology-free days, barefoot walking, sun-bathing, and more…

Although all parts of the immersion are highly recommended, this process is not to be forced but to be allowed to naturally unfold for U.

What you may experience?

✢ An embodied understanding of Somatic healing and the power of breathwork

✢ A profound experience of your own potential to heal & release personal & ancestral trauma

✢ A set of tools and practices to implement into your life

✢ A detoxification protocol & complete cellular upgrade

✢ A reset of your immune system

✢ Emotional resilience & restoration of your nervous systems

✢ A reclamation of your personal power

✢ Creative insight & new innovative ideas

✢ Clear guidance on your vision & next steps

 View the prep call here! 

More information, contact Noa:


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Early bird special – $1333 (paid in full) or 3 payments of $500

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