Yoga Nidra

Manifesting Your Deepest Heart’s Desire 

First Monday of each Month

Yoga Nidra is not simply a relaxation technique… It is incredibly powerful! Ancient Yogis have used it for millennia to cure dis-ease, improve creativity, enhance personality in a positive way, and enable realization of our deepest heart’s desire.

Indulge in a deeply restorative hour of self care and rejuvenation, renewing and refreshing your spirit! 

Join us to Manifest your Deepest Heart’s Desires via a magical journey into the fertile layers of the subconscious mind. Using ancient yogic techniques learned in India, Jayashrii (Juliane) will guide us through a deeply restorative Yoga Nidra experience (equivalent to 5-6 hours sleep) as we plant the seeds of our deepest heart’s desire into our incredibly powerful subconscious mind. Be forewarned, the resolve you make is bound to come true! While a single session is powerful, the cumulative affects of regular Yoga Nidra are truly extraordinary. 

How to Sign Up? Simple:

  1. Submit payment via PayPal, Zelle or CashApp searching with Juliane Porter or StyleNectar  If you wish to use Venmo, search @StyleNectarLLC .  (Mailing check also ok just let me know).  
  2. I will respond with an email Zoom link to Yoga Nidra (Be sure to include your email in notes!)

                Class Pricing

  • Single                 $18 
  • 5 class pack       $70  
  • 10 class pack   $120   

Please reach out with any questions you may have. Share with family & friends!

Sending you peace and blessings.

~Love, Jayashrii (Juliane) 💕

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