YouTube Channel Update

Following YouTube deleting Dr. Morse’s Channel last week we have been receiving a lot of questions about it. Here’s some information that we have written to help you:

  1. DrMorse.TV is the only website that is up-to-date containing all of Dr. Morse’s uncensored videos. It is Dr Morse’s own platform and contains not just Q&As, but recorded Zoom calls, special interviews and more.
  2. We do have most of the original videos from way back archived and these will all be uploaded to DrMorse.TV in due course. YouTube did remove the channel several years ago and a small number of videos were lost.
  3. There is a new YouTube channel that will contain exclusive content such as spirituality content as well as videos with others from time-to-time.
  1. Websites such as Rumble will have some videos, but DrMorse.TV is the only platform that will have everything and comes from Dr. Morse’s Office.
  2. If you want learn about the Online School and wish to follow Dr. Morse on social media, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see all of the Official social media channels run by his office.

As you know, Dr. Morse is dedicated to helping each and every one of you and he thanks you for your continued love and support.

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